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Are Sweet Potatoes Healthier Than Potatoes?

Raw Beauty Source

In this article published by Raw Beauty Source, I break down the health benefits of regular and sweet potatoes.

There has always been a lot of hype in the debate between sweet potatoes and regular white potatoes. Many of the patients I see for weight and diabetes management are under the assumption that these vegetables have extremely different impacts on blood sugar. Based on the evidence provided in this article, it is apparent that there is a limited difference in calorie, carbohydrate, and fiber content when comparing regular white potatoes and sweet potatoes, although the two potatoes vary in nutrient composition. Therefore, one potato is not superior to the other. Based on these findings, you should choose whichever potato you enjoy the most! Eat the skin of the potato, regardless of the type of potato, to optimize the amount of fiber you’re consuming. The best thing to do is to eat potatoes in moderation and to alternate between the two types to get a variety of nutrients in your diet!

Check out the article to learn more: Hyperlink to the full article

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