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Client Testimonials

Taken from my GoogleBusiness Page:

"I have been working with Claudia for over 12 weeks and I cannot tell you how her program has changed my life. Claudia is very knowledgeable and is able to bring an individualized, one-on-one, element to weight management that is missing from other programs. I lost weight on my own before working with Claudia but I had reached an impassable plateau. Once I began using the tools and goals we developed during our sessions, I started seeing results. Not only have I been able to loose additional weight but I have developed lifestyle changes which will benefit me for the rest of my life. It is amazing how alert and energized I feel since working with Claudia". 


- A.K. 

"I have had an amazing experience working with Claudia Hleap! I have been working with Claudia for the last year and have lost 30 lbs. She uses a non-diet approach involving goal setting at each appointment to measure my success as opposed to strictly using my weight. Since working with her I have completely revolutionized my lifestyle; I am exercising regularly, eating healthier, sleeping better, managing my stress effectively, and feeing better overall. Claudia is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and lifestyle modification and has been extremely helpful in making all of these changes."

- S.Z.

"Claudia Hleap is a sweet compassionate, and very knowledgeable nutritionist. She has an amazing professional demeanor and was helpful at every visit I had with her. She assisted me with adding healthy carbs back into my diet - which was a plus for me! During my pregnancy I gained 60 pounds, I’ve had a hard time changing my lifestyle but Claudia made it much easier for me. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking dietary guidance and support!"

- K.C.

"Claudia Hleap is a one-of-a-kind nutritionist! She worked with me on achieving my personal health goals. I tried every diet out there and nothing worked. She whipped me into shaped by creating a sensible diet where I didn't have to adhere to crazy rules. She taught me the science in nutrition, and explained to me that deprivational diets only work for a limited amount of time. I learned how to live a culinary fulfilling life while maintaining my health and wellness"

- L.S.

"Claudia is by far the most relatable and down-to-earth LDN I have ever met. She’s very realistic and knowledgeable about the best diet plans to fit individual lifestyles. She helps you get results without the pressure and stress associated with traditional strict dieting. She’s the best!"

- K.C.

"I LOVE HER!! I have seen a few dietitians in my years and I am SO SO HAPPY I found someone that I feel actually cares about me"

- D.Q.

"Claudia is an amazing, knowledgeable dietitian. She is so dedicated to her field and it shows!"


- P.H. 

"Knowledgable, kind, flexible, and makes learning easy and fun!"

- S.S.

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