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Dietitian Resources



Consultation billed at $200/hr where I can help you:

  • Get set up with these programs and show you how they interface. I will answer any questions you may have about using and managing the platforms. 

  • The basics of starting your own private practice: I will send you my private practice bundle of all my spreadsheets and record-keeping forms (spreadsheet, productivity, assessment template)

  • Show you how to submit bills efficiently using these systems

  • Answer any and all questions about establishing and growing your practice (setting up a business, marketing and growing your business, record keeping, tracking growth & measuring success)

Contact me using the form linked HERE with any questions or to schedule a consultation

Hello Dietitians!

I made this page to serve as a resource for other dietitians looking to form and grow their private practices. I am writing about my favorite products that I use to run and manage my private practice, Hleap Nutrition.


I am not paid or sponsored by any of these products, I just think they are best-in-class for running a nutrition practice. However, there are referral links below for Canva and Kalix that can provide discounts the referrer and referee.


I use Kalix as my Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Software and I am a huge fan of this system. This software is more affordable when compared to the other popular options. I pay $47/month for this EMR, which includes the following features:

  • HIPAA-compliant telehealth

  • Easy-to-use patient charting and billing systems

  • Online scheduling widget for my website (clients can schedule their appointment online)

  • Tutorials and online guides for EVERYTHING you could possibly want to know and very responsive customer service

  • Here is a link to their page with the description of each paid plan

I pay an additional $3/month for a phone line that I use as an electronic fax number. I pay 3 cents per fax sent and received.

Kalix offers a free 1-month trial with no obligation to continue if it's not for you. If you decide to stick with Kalix, you can use my referral code WKEpGg to get an extra $27 off your first payment. If you decide to pay up front for the year, you end up saving an extra 15% over the course of the year. For my first few months in practice I signed up on a month-to-month basis to continue to test it out. Ultimately, it ended up being a great fit, so I now subscribe on an annual basis for the discount.


I use Canva for product development and graphic design. I have used Canva to make handouts, flyers, business cards, mailing labels, Instagram posts, e-books, and more. The best part about Canva is that it is FREE to use! There are paid images you can include if you'd like, but almost everything I make in Canva I make for free. You have the option to get your designs printed (very high quality) and mailed to you quickly. 

Use this link to check it out: CANVA


I use Office Ally as my clearing house when submitting claims to insurance companies. This program costs between $0-35/month depending on the quantity and types of claims being submitted. This program is very easy to use and great for a small practice, since the maximum cost is $35/month, regardless of how many claims are submitted.

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