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Can you Eat Quinoa on a Keto Diet?

Quinoa has become a popular superfood in many different diets. It is a whole grain, which contains protein, fiber, and various micronutrients.

The Ketogenic (keto) diet emphasizes a very low carb and high fat diet to alter your metabolism to burn fat (instead of sugars/glucose) as a primary source of fuel. Eating too many carbs will switch your body back to burning carb as its preferred source.

A ketogenic diet is not for everybody. This diet tends to be extremely restrictive and difficult to sustain. Unless you are prescribed this diet by a healthcare provider, consider trying a reduced carbohydrate diet and focusing on high-fiber carbohydrates in place of simple sugars. Reducing (not eliminating) carbohydrate intake and choosing high fiber options will improve blood sugar control while improving bathroom regularity, satiety and fullness, and overall gut health.

Check out the article for more information on quinoa and whether it can be a staple component on a ketogenic diet.


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