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Hleap Nutrition's Top Kitchen Tools from Amazon

In today's article I'll be listing out some of my favorite Amazon finds for the kitchen. Everyone who has worked with me knows I'm all about getting balanced meals and snacks in the easiest way possible. These tools actually make that possible!

This salad chopper has changed the salad game for me. I enjoy salads, but do not enjoy spending time chopping up veggies. You can add your salad ingredients to a large bowl and use this hand chopper to quickly chop everything up to a similar consistency, all at the same time!

This hydroponic garden is a life changer for those that want a fresh herb garden but are not naturally gifted with a green thumb or outdoor space! This hydroponic garden requires minimal maintenance and gets you fresh herbs 24/7 at a fraction of the cost compared to the supermarket. When you use it regularly year-round it can pay for itself in under a year compared to the cost of buying fresh herbs!

These are my favorite baking ramekins! I use these as regular bowls for portioning snacks, but also for cooking individual servings of desserts or oats in the oven. I've had them for at least 2 years now and they've held up great! They're super durable and great in the oven.

I personally prefer to use glass Tupperware instead of plastic, especially if I am going to be using it to heat foods up in the microwave. This set has been fabulous in terms of its durability and I use it to pack my lunches every day. It does not spill when used on-the-go! Unlike many other glass Tupperware sets I've used, the lock seal lid is actually effective.

One sneaky contributor to calorie intake is the amount of oil you use while cooking. It is very easy to accidentally add a few hundred calories to everything you're cooking with a quick flick of the wrist while pouring oil on your pan. Using an oil spray bottle helps you to use less oil while cooking. You can buy a reusable spray bottle like this one so you can keep refilling it with your preferred cooking oil.

6. Silicone Muffin Tray for Baking

These muffin trays are easy to store and extremely non-stick. I use them all the time for muffins and egg bites and it's always been super easy to remove the bites without leaving anything behind. They're easy to clean and because they're silicone, they roll up for easy storage wherever you have space to tuck them!

This is a fabulous tool for healthy snacking. It can be challenging to find popped popcorn without any additives. You can use plain popcorn kernels in this microwavable contraption to make plain popcorn in whatever serving size you'd like! This makes it easy to make the exact amount you want to eat without being stuck with leftovers that go stale quickly. You can add spray oil to your popcorn and fun seasonings to keep things interesting, without all of the junk they put in pre-packaged popcorn!

For the full list of Hleap Nutrition kitchen favorites, click the link HERE!

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