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Hleap Nutrition's Favorite Wellness Finds for the Office

Using a treadmill under my standing desk has been an absolute game changer. I was on the fence about this purchase for months. I was concerned there would be no way for me to walk, talk, and type without toppling over. Eventually I decided it was worth a shot and took the plunge. I was honestly surprised with how easy it was to adjust to multitasking.

Anyone who's worked with me knows I am a fan of getting results as easily as possible and without budgeting more of your time to get it done, since we're all living busy lives. Being able to walk while working has helped me increase my average steps by a few thousand every day, which has the ability to impact calorie expenditure, posture, GI health/digestion, and blood sugar regulation. For anyone at a sedentary work-from-home job, this is absolutely worth looking into!

The specific treadmill I have linked HERE has been nice and quiet while I'm walking in appointments. It was easy to set up, works seamlessly, and is the right size for me (5'3" as reference). If you are much taller and have a larger gait and if you're planning to run and take longer strides, this might not be the right choice for you.

As previously mentioned, I use my treadmill under a standing desk. The standing desk I use was very affordable, since it is an adjustable standing desk. This means it can collapse onto my desk, raising the surface of my desk a few inches. When I want to stand and/or walk on the treadmill, I raise a lever that brings the desk up about 1.5 feet so that it's in the perfect position for standing and working. This lives on my desk, so as long as your desk does not sit very low and you are not particularly tall, this can be the perfect budget-friendly standing desk for you.

Even if you're not interested in a standing treadmill it can make a big difference to get standing breaks throughout the day. As a stationary desk worker, it can be challenging to avoid sitting for a large majority of your day. Breaking up your day with standing or walking breaks is beneficial for lipids, digestion, and your posture.

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