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Unexpected Health Concerns When Working From Home

April 1, 2020

Working from home, which has become a new reality for many people during the COVID pandemic, poses its own set of potential health concerns. In this article published by Regenerative & Sports Medicine, the author discusses many complications that can arise once a person starts working from home.

My contribution to this article was of course, the nutrition and weight-related impact that has stemmed from the pandemic and new onset of working from home.

Adjusting from going into the office to working at your kitchen counter has been a massive adjustment for many people. One of the many considerations is that food has become way more available throughout the day than it was in the office setting. In my experience from working with my clients, this has led to more frequent snacking, eating out of boredom, and stress eating, which unfortunately is often paired with weight gain and a reduction in physical activity.

Check out the full article for more health related concerns associated with working from home: Hyperlink to the original article


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