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What's the difference between "Complex" and "Simple" carbs?

In this article published by Kiss My Keto, the author discusses the difference between "good", also known as "complex" carbs, and "bad" carbs, also known as "simple carbs". I do not love the concept of applying moral values to food, but I understand wanting a way to differentiate between the different types of carbohydrates and understanding which may be a more satisfying option in the long run.

In general, when you can, it is best to prioritize high-fiber options. These are carbohydrates that tend to be slightly higher in protein and will keep you feeling full for longer. The additional fiber is satisfying and beneficial for gut health.

A few examples of high-fiber carbs include: quinoa, barley, peas, corn, oatmeal, brown rice, beans/legumes, and whole wheat products.

It is completely fine to have lower-fiber carbs as well! A healthy diet is a matter of balance, so you want to choose higher fiber carbs when you like those options and when it makes sense, while also being able to enjoy lower-fiber carbs when you want them!

Check out the article to learn more about the different kinds of carbohydrates: Hyperlink to the full article


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