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Tips to Organize Your Kitchen so You Can Conquer the Weight-Loss Battle

Published by Usebody

Today's article was published by Usebody and focuses on tips for kitchen organization to encourage healthy habits. 'Choice Architecture' is an important concept that describes the psychology behind food placement and how it impacts decision making. In general, you want to make it just a little bit easier to choose healthier foods and a little more difficult to choose less nutritious foods. For example placing fruits in a bowl on the kitchen table makes you that much more likely to choose to eat them than if you were storing them in the fruit bin in the refrigerator. "Out of sight, out of mind" is the moto when planning out how you arrange your pantry and grocery.

My contribution to this article was to serve your meal on a smaller plate. Using a smaller plate and packing it full of food can be more visually satisfying than a sparse-looking larger plate. It also may be less realistic for you to stick to appropriate serving sizes when there is more empty space on your plate. This is just another example of making it a little bit easier for you to make healthier choices.

For more tips, check out the article here


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