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Including more Protein in your Diet

In this article published by She Finds, the author discusses strategies for including more protein in your diet. Protein is very important for blood sugar management, fueling for workouts, and for feeling full and satiated after meals.

The tip I contributed to this article was to add extra egg whites when cooking with eggs, either via liquid egg whites or by adding a few extra eggs and removing the yolk.

The American Heart Association recommends limiting egg yolks to a maximum of 7 each week. This is because the yolk contains fats and cholesterol. The egg whites do NOT contain fat, they are almost entirely water and protein! Therefore, you can add a little extra volume and protein to your pancakes, scrambled eggs, or fried eggs by sneaking in some extra egg whites!

Check out the full article for more strategies to increase your protein intake! (link to the article provided below)


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